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The Consignment Sale Agreement ("CSA") is made as of the __ day of _____, 20_________ between _____________________________ ("Consignor") and Antique Hunting Auction LLC ("AHA"), with reference to the following facts:

1). Consignor recognizes that He (She) is legal or lawful owner of Items which Consignor wishes to consign to AHA for sale by auction.

2). the parties intend that this Agreement shall be governed by the terms of the consignment which said items are being shipped to AHA for auction sale.

3). Consignor shall ship their items to AHA auction house before 35 days auction, consignor is responsible for shipping and insurance fees.

4). Consignor hereby authorizes AHA, as Consignor’s sole and exclusive agent, to sell items on Consignor’s behalf at public auction to be conducted as determined by AHA. Unsold items shall automatically be re-catalogued into the next available auction until sold.

5). Consignor shall pay 15% for the seller’s commission on the hammer price sale, not be included buyer’s premier fees.

6). If items are not sold, consignor should pick up items within 7 days after AHA notices consignor, Consignor fails to pick up their items within 7 days, AHA will charge $10 a storage fee per day for each item.

7). Once consignor ships their items to AHA auction house, AHA shall handle with care in the storage and handling of the items pending their sale and shall purchase insurance equal to the value of items insured against loss, damage from the time during time of items stay at AHA auction house.

8). Consignor shall receive payment within 30 days after items sold out and shall be responsible for the payment of income taxes.

9). Consignor agrees with private sale without auction if buyer purchases the price to reach satisfaction price of consignor’s reserve.

10). the agreement between AHA and Consignor shall, in all respects, be governed by the laws of California and be performed within California. Consignor also agrees with arbitration among dispute solution. The superior court of Los Angeles shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the interpretation of this agreement and any dispute incurred by AHA and Consignor.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Agreement is entered into as of the day and year first set forth above.

CONSIGNOR: _______________________________

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Tel: _______________________________

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